The Team Dream challenges which lie ahead are normally found on bucket lists; they incorporate the most stunning scenery in the world, with dare-devil activities which will stretch even the bravest.
Our Project Leaders are the best in their field, with the qualifications and experience to take your team on a journey of a lifetime. Your employees will open their eyes to new possibilities, and in turn, cement the relationship to the company that gave them the opportunity to experience it.

Who Is right for this Project?

Aspiring Leaders, Go Getters, Rising Stars
Every company has those special employees who care about their work and excel in everything they do. These stellar leaders are the foundation of your business. You recognize how they keep the cogs turning, motivate and empower those around them, and build trust among your team that translates into immense productivity.
These amazing examples of your company’s finest are the people who will make future managers, future directors, even future Executives. From building the foundation of your incredible teams to leading your key divisions as the visionaries they truly are, your star employees make your business better than you could have ever imagined.

Our Best Advice For Selecting Your Team Members!

We encourage you to offer the development adventure to members of your team who are ready to take on the impossible. The ones who take the leap of faith have the guts and determination that will lay the groundwork to make them truly invincible.
This Adventure will change the way they look at limitations and the way they look at themselves. Your selected team members will learn exactly what they are capable of achieving, when we show them that self-doubt can be challenged and overcome.

Project Highlights


6 days /7 Nights
2 Days Canyoning
2 Day 3 night wilderness rafting
2 Day Paragliding Course
Jet Boating
TBX Adventure day

The best instructors


National / International champions
2-1 Instruction
Fully insured
First Aid trained
Dedicated to your success
Internationally recognized Qualifications

Accomidation & Board


5 Day Private Lodge
Twin Rooms
2 Day Wilderness Camping
Full Board
Snacks & refreshments
Transfers Included

Dates & Availability


Minimum 6 per course
$4500 P/P
January 16th – 20th
January 30th – 3rd
February 20th – 24th
March 13th – 17th

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