What We Do

Even in the most successful business, there comes a time when your team begins to feel stale and worn down. That’s where StratoXsphere comes in with a much needed jolt of excitement. We offer an experience of a life time that will re-tie the bonds of your teams and create a more enthusiastic and collaborative group atmosphere. Your workplace can either be a place of great satisfaction and productivity or a centre for boredom and disappointment. If you see your work environment starting to drag, or your feel its time to reward your team with an opportunity to develop themselves,  it’s time to call us. 

StratoXsphere, With the use of thrilling adventure activities, personal development specialists, and the gorgeous Queenstown, New Zealand landscape can help change your company and most importantly, the lives of the people within it.

We create team development opportunities across departments that motivate and energize your employees. Through a series of eye opening experiences, your teams will unlock valuable skills they may not have known they possess.  They will work together under stressful situations that will solidify them as a collaborative group.

More importantly, this is not your run of the mill “team building conference,” we don’t sit in a room, drinking coffee, wearing name tags, and falling backwards into each-others arms.  Our ethos is that to really connect, you must have real experiences.  StratoXsphere creates those experiences while still providing the highest standard of safety on the market.  When your adventure ends, your team will return to the company excited about the challenges that lie ahead and ready to work collaboratively at a level you have never seen before!

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How We Do it

We offer four customizable programs which not only expand the minds and capabilities of your employees, but will inspire them to reach the next level within your business. Our programs take your employees out of the workplace and into a fun and intensive 6 – 10 day collaborative development experience.

Each program is designed to remove the barriers which we put up in our lives; fear of failure, lack of excitement, a decrease in confidence. These day to day barriers are intertwined into you and your teams lives. StratoXsphere combines a mixture of personal development training  and thrilling team challenges to boost synergy between coworkers. Your employees can  remember what its like to achieve a common goal with the right support and perspective. They will even surprise themselves with how much they are still capable of growing!

Safety is our number one priority and we take it very seriously.  Every project we run is handled by experts with the highest industry standards and safety in mind.  Each Professional development experience is catered to the individuals involved and accommodates any necessary health requirements.

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Why We do it

We love what we do. We live our dreams every day, and giving you a glimpse of our world, leads to a breakthrough in yours.

Our passion for our adventures and expeditions has no boundaries.  When you succeed and break through your barriers, you can reach new heights and realize your dreams, each breakthrough you make, pushes us to take you and your team to the next level.

The world of adrenaline sports is filled with the most spectacular people on the planet. Through our projects, we believe your employees can be truly spectacular too. For a person whose career is their passion, there is no greater moment than to share it and hear someone say 8 little words. 

“That was the best experience of my life.”

Let your team Reach for the stars, drive them to new heights, Stratoxsphere is a whole new level of personal and team development.

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